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JP Oversize Anti-Walk Pins

JP Oversize Anti-Walk Pins are the icing on the cake. Removing all the slop between the trigger, hammer, pins and the receiver results in that extra bit of refinement to get the maximum performance potential out of high grade parts. These tool steel trigger/hammer pins are available in .156 for small pin and .172 for large pin receivers and feature custom buttonhead stainless retainer screws (matte black finish) on both ends for corrosion resistance. No modification to the lower receiver is needed, but be aware that the trigger and hammer may have to be reamed for a perfect fit with these parts. The downside: installation is a bit more difficult and detail stripping the lower receiver will require a bit more care. Finish is black oxide.

JP Oversize Antiwalk Pins
JPAW-1JP Oversize Anti-Walk Pins, .156 small pins (set of 2)$15.95
JPAW-2JP Oversize Anti-Walk Pins, .172 large pins (set of 2)$15.95
CL-JPAW-2JP Oversize Anti-Walk Pins, .172 large pins (set of 2)
(this product is a closeout item)
Fire Control Accessories
RYDOL3Rydol Boron Nitride sear/hammer grease$4.95
LPK-LTGLower parts kit for AR-15 excluding trigger, hammer and butt stock.$38.95
JPFC-HSJP Hammer Stop Block$9.99

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