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JPFC-SA Adjustable/Reversible Selector

New JP Adjustable/Reversible selector, parts view and in assembly.

The new JPFC-SA adjustable/reversible selector can also be used with any after market trigger components to allow for a perfect and safe relationship between the trigger and the selector, blocking all movement in the "safe" position. It eliminates the need for "fitting the safety" in the original JPFC, JPFCP kits or other after market triggers where the selector vs. trigger relationship is not perfect. The JPFC-SA is a great addition to the JPFC or JPFCP kits and will cut installation time by about 1/3 while eliminating the risk of ruining the trigger by over-fitting.

JP Safety Selector
JPFC-SAJP Adjustable Reversible Ambi Selector for AR-15 rifles$69.95
JPFC-SL1JP Standard Profile Lever
for JP Safety Selector
JPFC-SL2JP Low Profile Lever
for JP Safety Selector
JPFC-SL3JP Ultra Low Profile Lever
for JP Safety Selector
Fire Control Accessories
RYDOL3Rydol Sear/Hammer Grease
PTFE Hexagonal Boron Nitride (HBN) Moly (MoS2)
LPK-LTGLower parts kit for AR-15 excluding trigger, hammer and butt stock.$38.95
JPFC-HSJP Hammer Stop Block$9.99

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