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Stocks and Grips

ACE Tactical Skeletonized Butt Stock Assembly, ACE-ARFX

The ACE ARFX is a very light weight but strong butt stock assembly, including a removable rubber butt pad. It is one of our favorites, and thus has become the standard stock on all our CTR-02 and LRP-07 rifles.


Magpul Precision Rifle Stock

This is a fully adjustable stock system for a precision rifle application with heavy duty detent adjustment wheels for comb height and length of pull. The stock is very well designed, high quality and very strong with reversible dual sling point attachments. It also features a covered 1913 rail at 6:00 for a quick detach monopod. A bit on the heavy side, but a truely outstanding butt stock. We highly recommend it. Available in black, OD green and dark earth. Also shown here, matching Magpul MIAD grip system which has interchangeable back straps to adjust length of pull.

Magpul CTR Stock

The Magpul CTR is a more traditional collapsing carbine stock that features a lock lever to prevent the annoying rattle with typical M4 stock systems. Another well engineered Magpul product.

Maxim Defense
MD-CQBMaxim Defense CQB Stock$427.50
MD-CQB3-PISTOLMaxim Defense PDW Pistol Brace$470.00

ACE Stocks
ACE-ARFX-QDACE Skeletonized Buttstock with QD Swivel$101.95

Magpul Stocks, Grips and Accessories
MAG672Magpul AR-10/15 and SR-25 PRS
Precision Rifle Stock
   Color Selectable
MAG404Magpul MOE Fixed Stock
   Color Selectable
MAG310Magpul CTR Carbine Stock
   Color Selectable
MAG370Magpul ACS (Adaptable Carbine/Storage) Stock
   Color Selectable
MAG330The Magpul UBR (Utility / Battle Rifle) Stock
   Color Selectable
MAG308Magpul AR-10 PRS
Precision Rifle Stock
   with JP QD sling adapter

   Color Selectable
MAG520Magpul MIAD Grip
   Gen 1.1
   Color Selectable
MAG411Magpul AFG
   Angled Fore Grip
MAG412Magpul RVG™ Vertical Grip
   Color Selectable
MAG417Magpul MOE™ Trigger Guard
   Color Selectable
MAG580-BLKMagpul M-LOK™ Aluminum Rail$17.05

Hera Arms Stocks
HERA-CQR 12.12HERA Arms CQR Buttstock$119.00

Mission First Tactical Stocks
MFT-MIN-BLKMission First Tactical BATTLELINK™ Minimalist Stock $49.99

Luth-AR Stocks
LU-MBA-1Luth-AR MBA Stock$131.55
LU-MBA-2Luth-AR "Skullaton" Stock$46.95
LU-CTK-RAILLUTH-AR Buttstock Rail$35.00
LU-GT-TLLuth-AR Grovtec tool$3.25

Grips and Stock Accessories
SIG-PSBSig Sauer SB15 Pistol Stabilizing Brace$124.49
SI-AR-MFGStrike Industries Megafin Featureless Grip$37.95
HPGJP Custom Logo Hogue Pistol Grip$16.95
DPPG-TGPanther™ tactical grip with palm rest$34.95
RPBT-CAReceiver Extension Tube

RPBT-RReceiver Extension Tube

JPABPJP Adjustable Butt Plate
   for Magpul PRS
JPPRS-SMPRS Stock Sling Cup Mount$29.95
LPK-LTGLower parts kit for AR-15 excluding trigger, hammer and butt stock.$38.95
GG-217GoGun™ Gas Pedal™
   Flat Dark Earth

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