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JPoint® Micro-Electronic Reflex Sight

When I first saw this type of sight, I knew the JPoint® had some real potential. I mounted my first one on a hybrid Glock 17L with great results and now have them on all my optical sight pistols. For most applications, I feel it will render obsolete other electronic sights. Its size and near weightlessness make it ideal for many applications that no other sight can fill. With our piggyback scope mount, the JPoint® is a great secondary rifle sight for close range or moving targets. Even on shotguns, the JPoint® is the only electronic sight I've used that doesn't compromise speed with shot shells for accuracy with slugs. It's truly the best of all worlds.

For pistol use, the JPoint® can mount directly on the slide, eliminating the slide/frame fit problem and resulting in a much cleaner installation. On Glocks in particular, the slide-frame relationship is poor at best, but the barrel slide lockup is very consistent. That’s why Glocks are capable of excellent accuracy with the open sights but don't perform well with frame-mounted optics. So in my opinion, the JPoint® is the only electronic sight to use on a Glock.

On custom 1911s with good frame-slide fit, it still helps to get the sight registered one step closer to the barrel rather than on the frame. In addition, you eliminate the mounting brackets that detract from the gun aesthetically and interfere with ejection. A number of custom gunsmiths now offer this direct type of installation.

The JPoint® weighs practically nothing, unlike some electronic sights that add about half a pound to your gun. It stands up to the slide reciprocation, and you will never notice it move. We make a 1911 standard mounting system that uses the rear sight dovetail cut for a drop-on mount, and we also recommend a custom melted-in mounting of the sight that brings the sight window right down on top of the slide allowing you to see the slide through the sight window. When you can see the gun, you’ll naturally achieve the fastest sight recovery you've ever experienced.

Traditional electronic sights sit high over the slide and block your view of the gun target. That’s why you see people twisting their grip around looking for the dot on their optical sight guns, especially when they are shooting weak hand only. With a melted-in JPoint®, you can always see the slide pointing into the target. If you can point the slide, you can find the dot. In fact, on very close range targets, you just place the muzzle in the sight window and press; it’s like a big ghost ring sight. If you are interested in the melt-in modification on your pistol slide, we hightly recommend that you contact Bowie Tactical Concepts, Briley Manufacturing,C And C Manufacturing, MOD 1 Firearms or Templar Custom Arms for this service.

The JPoint® also makes an outstanding primary or secondary sight on your rifle. As a primary sight, it offers the lowest possible overall weight and compact configuration on your rifle with usable accuracy out to 200 yards. As a secondary sight used in combination with a conventional long-range scope, it creates a system that does all things well with virtually no added weight or bulk. Whether mounted on top of the existing scope or on the free float tube with a tactical rail mount, the result is an optical system with no-compromise long-range and short-range capability. For hunting applications where long-range shooting in combination with short-range moving game in the brush may be encountered, this system can’t be beat.

We currently offer a variety of mounting adapters for most any application. Most adapters allow use of the JPoint® sight on guns with existing rear sight cuts such as Smith & Wesson Revolvers and M-41 target pistols, 1911s, Glocks, EAA, CZ, and more. Others fit special applications like shotgun barrel mounts and piggyback secondary sight on 1” and 30mm scope tubes. The rear sight adapters fit right into the existing sight cuts on your slide and allow the lowest possible position of the sight without any additional millwork. A great way to resurrect an old single stack comp pistol and make it a state-of-the-art optical gun without putting ugly holes and mounts on the frame.

Our S&W mount again allows for lower positioning of the sight than is possible using the rail adapter, and the lower the sight is to the gun, the better it works. Our shotgun adapter actually attaches to the barrel using a high-tech adhesive. You merely cut out a section of rib and glue the base to the barrel for a sight position that puts the window of the sight roughly even with the rib for incredible speed on steel target or birds and carbine accuracy with slugs. You can also continue to shoot off the rib in case you don’t want to use the sight or you have a battery failure.

Unlike previous similar sights, the JPoint ® has a much more intense dot and improved reliability. Even in high desert bright sunlight on white steel, the dot intensity is bright enough so that it's always easy to find. Because we have biased the sight for bright outdoor use, some flaring of the dot in low light situations (such as indoor ranges) is unavoidable. Many indoor ranges have a booth light over the shooting area that fools the ambient light sensor into adjusting for bright outdoor conditions. Turning this overhead lighting off may allow the sensor to lower the dot intensity and reduce flare under these conditions. If most of your shooting is in lower light settings or you're more interested in precision over speed, we recommend the 4 MOA JPoint sights for these applications.

How does the JPoint® compare to the Docter® sight?

Every sight design represents a compromise between various attributes. The Docter has a metal body and glass lens and is considerably heavier. The glass lens of the Docter is more optically perfect than the acrylic lens of the JPoint® but adds to the weight. The acrylic lens of the JPoint® will have some minor optical distortion that is apparent only under intense scrutiny. When you're actually shooting, you're never focused on the lens so this distortion isn't noticeable in live fire conditions. If you're focused on the lens while shooting, I can predict you're not hitting your target. The extremely low weight of the JPoint® makes it ideal for applications such as our shotgun barrel mount and piggyback scope mounts that attach with a special adhesive. Low mass translates into low inertial effects for slide mounting or adhesive mounts and the sight/mount system will stay put under extreme conditions. The entire electronics package of the JPoint® is in an epoxy sealed chip with no exposed wiring. This results in improved recoil tolerance and water resistance. The JPoint® will tolerate submersion in water with no damage. The battery may short out momentarily, but it will not be damaged. The Docter has exposed wires and is therefore much more sensitive to water intrusion.

The JPoint® is also considerably less expensive than the Docter, and there are adapters available for many more applications than are currently available for the Docter. The JPoint® is not for everybody, but is a great concept for a wide variety of applications. The JPoint® has been the choice of many Special Forces units worldwide and has survived the worst that the Mid-East can bring to bear. There are now many thousands in use by military and law enforcement units.



JPoint® Specifications

  1. Magnification: 1x
  2. Sight Window: 21.6mm x 15.4mm
  3. Elevation Adjustment Range: 317cm @ 100m (125 in. @ 100 yds)
  4. Windage Adjustment Range: 410cm @ 100m (162 in. @ 100 yds)
  5. Recoil Resistance: 5,000g
  6. Operating Temperature Range: -25 - +55 degrees Celsius (-13 - +131 degrees Fahrenheit)
  7. Storage Temperature Range: -55 - +70 degrees Celsius (-67 - +158 degrees Fahrenheit)
  8. Power Supply: 3V with one CR 2032 (Lithium)
  9. Dimensions (L x W x H): 42mm x 25.4mm x 23mm
  10. Weight: .5oz (14 grams)
  11. Light Transmission of Lens: 98%
  12. Lens: Acrylic with Hard Coating
  13. Body: Glass Reinforced Nylon Polymer

JPoint on Trijicon ACOG as secondary CQB sight system.

The ACOG/JPoint® is the most effective short-/medium-range sight system to date.

The JPoint® /ACOG combination has become the most effective sighting system in use by US Special Operators today. The arrangement of the two systems results in extremely fast two-eyes-open reflexive short range engagement and precision long-range engagement and target identification. The JPA-TANSN mounts directly to the Trijicon TA01NSN version by replacing the existing aperture rear sight, allowing the JPoint to be mounted piggyback for a secondary short-range reflex sight. On all other ACOGS, such as the TA11 or TA31 series without the rear peep aperture, the JPA-TAS lower strap piece must be used to clamp the assembly to the scope body.

Scopecoat brand scope cover specially made for the ACOG/JPoint assembly.

WARNING: Beware of inferior sights being marketed on the internet using the JPoint® name or logo. These sights are either cheap copies or old Firepoint sights that were liquidated due to low quality and reliability problems. These sights are NOT JPoint®. They are prone to failure and are not backed by any factory warrantee. Furthermore, they do not have the proven track record of a JPoint® sight. If it does not say JPoint® on the side of the sight, it's not one of ours. As they say, if the price sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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