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Trijicon ACOGŪ with Custom JP Reticle System

Trijicon ACOGŪ with custom JP reticle system consisting of: TA01JP ACOGŪ with JPoint sight and JPA-TANSN mount

When it comes right down to it, as great a scope as it is, the Trijicon’s standard TA01 ACOGŪ was designed primarily as a medium-range combat sight, and is not ideally suited for competition use. To better adapt the ACOGŪ to competition use, we developed the custom JP reticle for the Trijicon ACOGŪ, a new reticle designed specifically for use on flat-top AR-15 rifles and, in particular, the JP CTR-02 rifle, which is the first rifle of its type with a custom-designed optic mated to it as a complete purpose-built system.

Highslide JS Because it is intended for mounting on an A2 handle mount position rather than a flat-top, the trajectory map for the TA01A is not appropriate for a low rail mount height with the type of loads commonly used and will become increasingly inaccurate at longer ranges. It also has 100 and 200-yard stadia lines on the reticle that are very close together and make the reticle a bit cluttered for practical rifle competition where speed is such a priority. We have eliminated the 200-yard line to clean up the view and to avoid confusion when seconds count. In the JP reticle, the main stadia line is the 200-yard zero. This zero allows for point-of-aim/point-of-impact shooting from 25 yards to about 230 yards without thinking about holdover/under, and that covers about 80% of your shooting demands at a typical match. The 100-yard line is really not needed because the 100-yard point of impact with a 200-yard zero will only be about 1-1.5 inches high, and you can live with that.

In addition, the standard TA01 has a torso range-finding system built into the length of the 300-, 400-, 500-yard stadia. For competition use or any civilian application, that feature is useless. We are almost never shooting at torso targets beyond 200 yards at a match because we simply don’t have time to score and tape them. Beyond 200 yards, we use reactive self-setting steel targets of various sizes. What we really need is information about wind hold-off. Therefore, I’ve replaced the range finder with a wind declination system in which the length of the 300-, 400-, 500- and 600-yard stadia correspond to 10 mph right or left crosswind. With a little experience, you can extrapolate most wind-related hold-offs encountered under typical match conditions, which is a very useful feature.

Finally, I've tailored the trajectory map to the 2.5-inch overbore height of the IAI™ system of the CTR-02 or flat-top mounting using the TA51 mount and the type of loads used to maximize long-range performance for the most demanding match scenarios. In particular, with our 1:8 twist Supermatch  barrels and the Sierra 77gr BTHP or Hornady 75gr match bullets, high kinetic energy can be delivered with precision on steel targets at long ranges.

JP CTR-02 with TA01JP ACOGŪ and Integral ACOGŪ Mount.

The combination of our rifle technology, the new JP ACOGŪ sight, and these new projectiles result in a level of long-range performance never before realized with the AR-15 type rifle. Did I mention that the trajectory map is also calibrated for 2000 feet altitude? That is another often overlooked aspect of trajectory mapping systems; they are all calibrated for sea level use, and I’ve only shot one match at sea level in my entire career. We need this thing calibrated for the altitudes where we do our most critical shooting. That happens to be in the western states at 2000 to 5000 feet, not sea level. For shooting at 400 yards and beyond, that can make the difference of a hit or a miss.

Now, for most of your shooting, which will be at ranges less than 300 yards, the fine-tuned trajectory map will not make any difference. It’s nice to know that if you have to make that long shot, this scope is designed to make it possible. The 1:9 twist rifles coupled with the 69gr match bullets will also result in a very close match for the JP TA01 version. In fact, out to 300 yards, any load combination will be a very close match so you can still shoot the cheap 55gr ball ammo if you don’t want to load your own or don’t want to buy the premium ammo now loaded with these projectiles.

The ACOGŪ/JPoint is the most effective short/medium-range sight system to date. We now have a Scopecoat brand scope cover specially made for the ACOG/JPoint assembly.

In addition to the JP CTR-02 ACOGŪ, we also stock a full line of other Trijicon scopes. Trijicon manufactures a whole series of ACOG sights for various applications. Check out our product listing or Trijicon's website for details. They also have a new reflex sight with a 3-way lighted reticle, ambient fiber optic element, battery-powered LED, and tritium night illumination. Currently, the reflex sight concept is very underrated considering how commonplace red dot no-magnification sights have become for pistol and rifle applications. However, battery failure is the most common complaint. Trijicon’s reflex sights eliminate the battery by using passive fiber optics in daylight and a tritium light source for night. When you really need it, you know it’s going to work, tomorrow or years from now.

Don’t forget about their night sights for pistols. Made for an extensive line of popular pistols, these sights are the best addition for the defensive pistol. Defensive shooting situations are usually under low-light conditions and the tritium-powered 3-dot system results in accuracy and speed in any light.

TA01JPTrijicon TA01 ACOG with the JP Designed Reticle

Flattop mount included
TA01JP-PACKTA01JP ACOG Package with JPOINT Sight$1,379.00
Trijicon Scopes
TA648-308ATrijicon TA648-308A$1,999.00
TA01NSNTrijicon TA01NSN $1,060.00
ACOG Accessories
JPTA-FTMJP ACOGŪ Scope Mount for Interface with Picatinny Rail$44.95
TA51Trijicon Flat Top Mount$69.00
SCOPECOAT-1Scope Coat for ACOG/JPoint combination$18.95

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