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US Optics

U.S. Optics needs no introduction as a manufacturer of top-end scopes. They are to optics what we are to the gas-operated, semi-auto rifles: a benchmark of design, quality manufacturing, legendary structural integrity and stellar customer service. When our own John Paul started using a pair of USO LR-17 (3.2-17x) series scopes on his long-range rifles, he couldn't help but judge every other scope against them from then on.

Just like our rifles, USO offers truly custom scopes specially configured exactly how you want them. This has allowed us to stock four different USO scopes designed to cover all your shooting applications, each personally configured by John Paul exactly as he prefers them on his rifles. These JP Signature Edition optics are available for immediate delivery, allowing you to get your hands on a custom high-end scope that would normally take months for delivery.

All of these JP Signature Edition models feature a MRAD-type reticle–mil-gap or Horus Vision–with the accompanying mil/mil adjustments on the windage and elevation to make it all work. (Why mils? Read more the advantages of mil-radian reticles and Horus Vision in particular here). The reticles are also all frontal plane to ensure function at any magnification range at which you can still resolve it against the target. This means no need to think about hitting some particular magnification number to use the reticle.

Each scope also has USO's outstanding illumination feature which, as we can attest from first-hand experience, they have perfected, offering complete reticle illumination with highlights on the mil marks and a wide range of intensity control.

Obviously, USO scopes are not for everyone, which is why we've made an effort to offer an array of optics at various price points, all of which JP has personally used and approved. Still, for many of you who have committed to a JP rifle, a USO scope is probably within your price range, and we guarantee that you'll be impressed. Click on the different models below to read more about each, and remember, any rifle is only as good as the optic you have mounted on it.

U.S. Optics
USO-B-25 H59-IBLU.S. Optics B-25
   H59 Reticle
USO-B-17 H59-IBLU.S. Optics B-17,
   H59 Reticle
USO-B-10U.S. Optics B-10
   H425 or H25 Reticle

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