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Available Firearms and Assemblies

All items listed below are unique or small-run rifles or assemblies ready to ship within one week of receiving payment and FFL. Unless otherwise noted, these items are brand new, first-run products built for specifically for individual sale or sometimes as the result of order cancellation or duplicate builds. At no additional charge, any rifle listed here can be altered to make it compliant with California law.

16-48298PSC-12 Rifle$4,555.95
16-50658LRP-07 Ultralight Rifle$3,674.96
16-50657LRP-07 Ultralight Rifle$3,699.96
LRP-07ABRLRP-07 Always Be Ready Edition Rifle$4,539.00
JP-15ABRJP-15 Always Be Ready Edition Rifle$2,499.00
14-41313LRP-07 Rifle
.308 Win. ● 22" Barrel ● Extra Long Hand Guard
14-44025JP-15 Short Barreled Rifle (NFA)
5.56mm NATO ● 13.5" Barrel ● Rifle Length Hand Guard
15-35057GMR-13 Pistol 9mm ● 10.5" Barrel ● Mid Length Hand Guard$1,527.00
15-37449JP-15/22R .22LR ● 18" Barrel ● Rifle Length Hand Guard$1,524.00
14-40030MR-10 Rifle
.308 Win. ● 24" Barrel ● AMCS Tubular Chassis

14-30692CTR-02 Upper
.22LR ● 18" Barrel ● Extra Long Hand Guard
14-30699SCR-11 Upper
.22LR ● 18" Barrel ● Extra Long Hand Guard
14-31903SCR-11 Upper
.300 AAC BLK ● 16" Barrel ● Extra Long Hand Guard
14-30698SCR-11 Upper
.22LR ● 18" Barrel ● Extra Long Hand Guard

16-48561JP Supermatch Barrel Kit
6.5 Creedmoor 22" Medium Contour
16-53097JP Supermatch Barrel Kit
6.5 Grendel 22" Medium Contour

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