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What Our Customers Think

The videos, photos, and stories we receive from you, our customers worldwide, are always the best source of feedback for us. We've seen JP rifles and components deployed by animal control officers in the Galapagos Islands, by soldiers on patrol in Afghanistan and Iraq, by SWAT officers in New Mexico and by the best match competition or long-range steel shooters in the world. We've seen great results from sportsmen, whether nighttime pig hunts in Texas, coyote in Colorado, deer in Minnesota, antelope in Montana or prairie dogs in the Dakotas. Even your accuracy results or custom rifle builds are something we're happy to see.

We want to thank all of our customers for taking the time to share their experiences with JP and to encourage you to keep them coming. It's our pleasure to post and share them, so keep sending your photos and stories in hard copy to our mailing address or electronically to You can also post your videos to YouTube and send us a link; make sure to include "JP" in the title to help with the search

Free JP Hat Offer

For the rest of this year, if you send us a YouTube link to your video that prominently features your JP rifle or components in action, we'll furnish you with a promo code redeemable for a free JP hat with your next order. Simply send your link to with the subject line: "My JP in action." Free hats subject to availability.

Send in you videos for a free JP hat

I'm just fascinated with the details you folks at JP put into the rifle and have been very pleased with the customer service. I have the SCS for the .308 but I figured I would get one of my .223 set up with the buffer as well.

Anyways, I included a picture with some of my JP stuff but still buying little pieces here and there to complete the 20" CTR-02 build on the bottom.

Thanks for you time and take care.
Highslide JS
I don't know if you put this upper together or not, but whoever did worked some serious voodoo on it. This thing is an absolute hammer and leaves me with no excuses now if I shoot like crap. I was able to dial in a load really quickly switching to H4350 as I'm low on N550. I calibrated my ballistics with actual bullet drop out to 900yards on paper. My 4 shot group at 900y was 4",...

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First, let me say thank you again for sending me the EZ fire control kit for my AR. Installed it, tested it, and shot this weekend in 3-Gun National Remington match in Las Vegas and it worked to perfection! Another fellow had to use my rifle for the entire match because his broke and he was really impressed with the package.

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