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The Essential Rifle

In the battle of form vs. function, we have a hard time choosing a side. At the end of the day, a JP rifle has to work, but it never leaves our shop looking anything less than its best. We can't help our obsession with aesthetics, but it's not shared by everyone, and it comes at a price.

We realize that some shooters want the JP parts and build quality without paying for their gun to be pretty. To meet than end, we introduced the JP-15™ ORRC (Optics Ready Rapid Configuration) rifle years ago. These functional carbines eliminated some of the time-consuming treatments that don't impact overall performance. Now, we're expanding on this approach.

To the ORRC, we've new added two new large-frame configurations of our LTC-19™ large-frame top charge in what we call the Essential Rifle Line. These rifles combine our unmatched standards for quality and reliability at scale and with better pricing than ever before. Each multi-purpose model incorporates the same quality fire control, operating system and barrels as our custom builds, all assembled by the same top-notch JP technicians.

The Essential Rifle Line draws from the applied experience and feedback of our competition and precision shooting teams. You can trust that these rifles prioritize performance and accuracy first and value second for a JP rifle that's attainable by anyone.

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JP-15â„¢ Essential Rifles | .223
RR-JP15-CTACJP-15â„¢ Essentials Carbine
.223 Wylde | 18" | XL Hand Guard
RR-JP15PRJP-15â„¢ Patrol Rifle
.223 Wylde | 16" | Rifle Hand Guard

LTC-19â„¢ Essential Rifles | .308