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Rapid Configuration Hand Guard System

The Rapid Configuration Hand Guard, first debuted at SHOT Show 2012, is both an evolution of, and departure from, the classic JP Modular Hand Guard System combining the best of old and new to create a forend targeted to fit the demands of LE and military operators. Keeping to our engineering philosophy of mass minimization without structural, accuracy or functional compromises, this design also maximizes versatility by reducing the time and effort required to configure and reconfigure your AR platform. This is thanks to the RC's complete elimination of the awkwardness that comes with using the backer plates of our JPTR modular rails for attachment. Rails now attach directly to the hand guard, making reconfiguration far faster and easier. What's more, the RC series hand guards feature a unique, proprietary attachment method (patent pending) for quick, easy mounting that guarantees precise alignment of all mounted accessories and sight systems.

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Rapid Configuration Rails and Accessories
JPTR-XLJP Tactical Rail
14.5" Extra Long 12:00
JPTR-RJP Tactical Rail
12" Rifle-length 12:00
JPTR-MJP Tactical Rail
9" Mid-length 12:00
JPTR-FSJP Tactical Rail
2" Front Sight
JPTR-LRCJP Tactical Rail
4" Accessory Rail w/o Backer Plate
JPTR-SRCJP Tactical Rail
2" Accessory Rail w/o Backer Plate
JPROS45° Rail Offset Adapter$59.95
JPHG-AP15Arca-Swiss Adapter
JPHG-AP10Arca-Swiss Adapter
JPHG-AP3Arca-Swiss Adapter
JPHG-BFA3Benchrest Forearm Adapter$89.95
JPHGBJP Hand Guard Brace$43.95
JPHG-SMHand Guard QD Sling Mount$25.95
JPHGSJP Sling Stud with Backer Plate$9.95
JPHG-W-RCJP Hand Guard Weight Kit
JPNUT3-TMK III Hand Guard Tool$17.95

The JP Modular Hand Guard (sometimes known as our VTAC hand guard) has been a fantastic product from both a sales and innovation standpoint, and there's probably no feature or component on a JP rifle quite as recognizable from a distance as our hand guard. So, designing a new hand guard system that deliberately departed from such a successful design was not a task we undertook lightly. It became a careful balancing act of determining what new innovations would live alongside which indispensible features from the original.

Evolving principally from our duty rifle series, the Rapid Configuration Hand Guard emerged from a recognition of the needs of law enforcement and the military personnel for on-the-fly, mission-specific versatility in their rifle platforms. So, while utilizing the same 2" (JPTR-S) and 4" (JPTR-L) rail segments as our original hand guard, the RC series eliminates the sometimes cumbersome insertion and retention of backer plates by allowing attachment of the rail segments directly to the tube using the screws provided. This allows for rapid, convenient configuration and reconfiguration using only a hex key.

Naturally retained from the JP Modular Hand Guard is the compatibility with our full-length top rails, which can time up exactly to bridge any gap between the rail and upper receiver. This creates a continuous timed 1913 rail that can be bridged by a unitized mounting system, making for a setup with the advantages of a monolithic upper receiver but the versatility of separate components.

The RC hand guard's other major redesign from its predecessor comes in the RC system's proprietary attachment method (patent pending) that allows for a uniquely easy and rapid build system. The design consists of a simple, single barrel retention nut combined with a completely concealed interior lock plate and timing nut with four hex screws to bind the system in place for a very rigid, durable tube/receiver relationship. The principle benefit of this attachment method is that it ensures that the tube aligns precisely to the bore axis of the barrel to keep all accessories, especially secondary sight systems, in alignment with the barrel for easy zeroing. While this may not seem a significant problem to solve, we've seen numerous tolerance stack-up issues with various components that make it impossible to zero hand guard-mounted secondary sight systems.


What is the difference between the (L,S) and (L,FS) rail packages?

The (L,S) packaged provide one 2" rail and one 4" rail that can be mounted anywhere on the tube other than the 12:00 position. The (L,FS) includes the same 4" but a 2" rail designed to be mounted in the 12:00 position for a front sight.

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