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Roller Trigger
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Armageddon Gear Revolution Trigger

One of the common trigger control issues that causes inconsistencies for the precision shooter is lateral force applied to the trigger upon release. Instead of the straight-back, linear release that would be optimal, this lateral force results in a certain degree of horizontal dispersion or the "pulled shots." So, when our friend Tom Fuller from Armageddon Gear approached us with his "roller trigger" idea, we saw the merit immediately and knew we needed to incorporate it into our AR fire control system. Attached to a modified version of our own trigger design with its improved sear geometry, the free-spinning roller of the Revolution Trigger auto-corrects for innate trigger control error by allowing your trigger finger to roll to a neutral position. Once you try it, you'll see exactly what we mean and why this is the future of trigger control.

Armageddon Arms Revolution Trigger

What's the purpose behind the roller trigger?

The roller trigger forces the shooter to roll to center on the trigger during operation. This eliminates any side vector that the shooter might inadvertently introduce to the rifle upon release. All pressure is now on bore axis where it needs to be. This assumes the shooter is using proper gas gun trigger technique. The trigger should sit in the crease of the first knuckle. It shouldn't be feathered with the pad of the finger as you would a bolt gun.

Why should I get the full EZ kit instead of just the trigger?

The EZ kit comes with our entire fire control package, including adjustable disconnector, adjustable selector, speed hammer, springs and anti-walk pins. The drop-in trigger is a non-adjustable trigger and springs only.

The actual trigger of the drop in kit has no adjustment and will yield perhaps 30% of what the full kit is capable of. The drop-in kit is not suitable to replace an existing JP trigger and will not yield a match-grade trigger setup.

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