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Detachable Sights

Finally, there’s a well-designed detachable and adjustable precision sighting system, with plenty of options to fit your needs, for the A4-type flat-top AR-15 using the JP gas block or rail-type sight block. If you have a flat-top gun with a fixed front sight, our front sight/gas system combination will give you a way to have both front and rear detachable sights. You may also choose to use our front sight mounting block to achieve maximum sight radius.

JP-15 with Mangonel flip up front and rear QD sights supplementing Holosight: JP15 with JPFS-ALS adjustable front sight and A-2 adjustable shorty rear.

JP Detachable Front Sight

The JPFS-ALS is not a plain old military version but a Lyman #93 target globe with inserts for maximum flexibility and precision. This new design features .300" of possible height adjustment to allow use with a wide variety of rail heights and rear sight hardware. It has a slide-lock adjustment method with an additional set screw lock under the sight platform for added rigidity and easy adjustment. When used with an A2-type rear sight such as the DPMS shorty A2 sight, it allows the rear sight zero to be set to actual zero for proper use of the elevation dial. When used with receiver sights that have more elevation travel, our adjustable front sight allows for a lower overall sight plane relative to the bore, resulting in a tighter cheek weld on the stock if desired.

Flip-up Sights

JP now offers top quality all aluminum and steel construction flip up iron sights in two heights, standard and micro. These sight sets assume rail mounting on receiver and hand guard position, not gas block position.

The M4 height allows for the same rail to line of sight offset that traditional fixed sights offer. The front offers the traditional Mr sight picture and the rear features a round aperture in both large and small flip-to change apertures.

The micro height is for those that prefer the tightest relationship between line of sight and line of bore to minimize hold over for close range engagement. Depending on facial build, you may or may not be comfortable. If you are full faced, we'd suggest the M4 sights.

The front sight on the mirco features an HK type design which works well for CQB applications like a ghost ring in a ring using the rear and allows the shooter to engage very rapidly while ignoring the post. The micro version is also available with tritium inserts for night time visibility.

Depending on your preference, either set works well mounted at 12:00 or at a 45 degree offset for a roll over secondary back up sight application which does not require the removal of, or cowhitnessing through the main optic. The JP modular hand guard systems allow for any such configuration. Both front and rear can be placed on the tube of the hand guard, or if a longer sight radius is prefered, the rear can be mounted using the JPROS (Rail Offset adapter) on the receiver. See the images for suggested installations.

Just for comparison sake, the JP-SRTS (Short Range Tactical Sight) also works very well in the offset position and yields what I'd call pistol grade accuracy with it's short 6" sight radius. In other words, if you can shoot a pistol reasonable well, you can expect to shoot a rifle equipped with the SRTS at least as well. Acceptable CQB engagement can be achieved out to 50 yards with this system in my opinion. It is faster from the point blank to 10 yard range as you can use it as you would your pistol sights for such close range work.

The flip up sights are a bit slower in the very close range engagement but offer higher accuracy out to 100 yards. A decent iron sight rifle marksman would have no problem holding 4 MOA at 100 yards with flip up irons mounted on the hand guard. That equates to an upper A/B zone hit at 100 yards. The other advantage to flip ups is that they offer a lower profile to the weapon when not deployed as compared to the SRTS.

The bottom line is that your application may dictate which you would prefer. On a competition rifle, I would take the SRTS. On a duty or defense rifle, I'd opt for the JP flip ups. The choice is yours with both offering great performance and value for the dollar.

DPMS Sights

If a more rugged rear sight is needed, the DPMS detachable flat-top sight is the choice. Essentially an A2 rear sight without the handle, this compact sight will attach on any Weaver or Picatinny rail and has the standard twin apertures for fine or course sight picture.

JP Short-Range Tactical Sight

The JPSRTS is the ideal solution for supplementing a long-range optic or precision iron sight setup where fast, reflexive short-range engagement from point-blank to 35 or 40 yards is a necessity. Our local police department started using the JPSRTS as their backup system on M4-type carbines with EOTech main optics because when moving from extreme cold weather to warm, humid building interiors, they found their optics fogging up rendering them useless. They needed a non-co-witnessed sighting system available without having to remove the main optic, and the JPSRTS was the perfect solution for this application.

The JPSRTS is adjustable for point of impact and is quick-detach on all JP Tactical Rail accessories. The current generation SRTS is also in the same sight plane as a standard A2 sight system, allowing the operator to switch sight system without changing his cheek weld. Supplied with five colored front inserts, the front sight now uses the traditional plunger retention method and will support many aftermarket front sights while the rear will readily accommodate a standard Novac rear sight with tritium lighting if night sights are needed.

JPSRTS mounted on hand guard


Detachable Sights and Accessories
JPSB-3JP Front Sight Block
.925 Barrel Diameter
MAG247Magpul MBUS™
Back-Up Front Sight
MAG248Magpul MBUS™
Back-Up Rear Sight
MAG525Magpul MBUS™ Pro
Offset Front Sight
MAG526Magpul MBUS™ Pro
Offset Rear Sight
JPROS45° Rail Offset Adapter$59.95

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