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Due to the uncertainty of the current political climate, we have experienced a substantial increase in order volume over the recent months. We apologize for any inconvenience or delays you have experienced, and we appreciate your patience. This situation has necessitated some changes in policy on our part about which you, our customers, should be made aware.

Product and Service Offerings

To facilitate delivery of order fulfilment in the most efficient way possible, we have elected to temporarily reserve key components for our rifle/assembly orders as follows:

To reserve our remaining supply for rifle orders, we are not accepting orders for magazines other than those currently listed.

Special Finishes:
We are not accepting orders for Presentation Grade Finish (PGF) and Duracoat options at this time.

Gunsmith Work:
We will not accept customer rifles in for custom work until further notice.

Rifle and Complete Assembly Order Process

To order a rifle, upper or lower, go to the JP Rifle Builder. This system will walk you through the complete design and ordering process. After you have finalized your design, you will be given the option to submit your order. When submitting the design you will enter your contact information as well as any special instructions (such as where to place accessory rails). Be aware that before you order can be placed in the production queue, FFL information and payment via check, cashier's check or money order for either the full price or for a 50% deposit on your order must be received.

For more on ordering rifles, click here.

Order and Inventory Status Checks

We must insist that you refrain from inventory or status checks. The uncertain future means that our time and manpower is needed to process and fulfill new and existing orders.

Dealer Policy

Because the current situation has placed unprecedented demands on us as a manufacturer, we have been forced to make some very difficult decisions regarding how to handle it. Like many others in the market, we are ramping up production as quickly as possible while hoping to return to business as usual, assuming no federal legislation is passed. However, as this may be the last opportunity for our customers to obtain a JP-built rifle, we have decided to sequester all critical components for complete rifle builds. This policy will remain in effect until we are sure that we have adequate supplies of critical components relative to our complete rifle orders.

At present, we have more customer-direct orders coming in through our online rifle builder than we can handle and have devoted all current production capacity towards completing those orders. This was a very hard decision to make given that we have been very aggressive and ultimately successful in developing our dealer network over the last few years. We value our dealer and master dealer customers very much, but at this time, we must give priority to our retail customers as long as that market exceeds our capacity. It's a difficult decision, but an obvious one nonetheless. Dealers receiving JP rifles are encouraged to charge appropriate transfer fees to make this process worthwhile for them.

For the time being, we are willing to accept ongoing dealer orders at your usual terms, be it open account or payment prior to shipping. However, we cannot give any accurate time estimates for delivery until the current crisis resolves itself in one fashion or another.  Alternately, if dealers want to submit an order via the online JP Rifle Builder at the published MSRP price and mail in a deposit, that order will be placed in the queue and processed according to the same timetable as all other customer orders with the lower assembly shipping out separately as soon as possible. 

Our good relations with our dealers have been, and will continue to be, very important to us, and we trust that you can appreciate the reasons for these measures.  In the end, we must hope for the best but prepare for the worst.
Thanks for your support!

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