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What Our Customers Think

JP Enterprises LRP-07 .308 2010-08-10
I recieved the LRP-07 about a month ago. I got the 22" match barrel with a 5 x 20 Horus Vison scope. It was just in time for a basic sniper class that I was taking. I have never shot a precision rifle but I was able to 3/4" at 100 yards on the first day. I had two groups at 1/2" and a few at 1 1/4" but that was me and not that gun.

There were six other guys in the sniper class and they all had .308 bolt guns. The instructors (Former LAPD SWAT sniper and former Navy Seal Sniper) were excellent and had us all getting pretty consistant hits. The course was with ITTS in Los Angeles.

We finally starting shooting out to 1000 yards and I got 3 out of 5 hits on about an 18" by 18 " target. I hit two dead center, one upper right, one 12" high at 12 o'oclock, and one 6" high at 12" oclock. I only got to fire 5 shots at the 1000 yard range. But, the misses were me and not the gun. If I had my act together I could have hit all 5 but like I mentioned, I am new to this type of long distance shooting.

In fact, I think I could have hit at 1100 yards because I was shooting a little high and had to adjust lower. I was using 168 grain AMAX from Sheep Dog Ammo. Great ammo by the way. The owner (Travis) makes the ammo by hand himself. It's great ammo.

For anyone thinking about an LRP-07, I highly reccomend the entire JP line. I was shooting prone in sandy dirt for the entire school. I only had one malfunction and that was because I got sand in my magazine. Most of the guys that had bolt guns had at least one malfunction too.

Jp's customer service is top notch. John Paul even answered a few questions himself and gave me some pointers. Eric is awesome at JP and is always willing to help. I am having them build me an 18\" light weight version LRP-07 for a mutipurpose gun. It will be about the same weigth as my Colt LE6940 (its a little heavier) but I will have more range and knock down power. And the JP guns really don't recoil much, they feel like you are shooting a .223. Anyway, they are great guns for anyone looking for one.

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