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6.5mm Grendel Performace 2010-11-28
I recently bought a 6.5mm Grendel upper. I shot a 3 round ½ MOA group at 100 yards this morning prone with a sling - no solid support or bipod - using factory 123gr Hornady A-Max. The rifle has worked marvelously for hunting this fall. Feels like a 5.56mm and hits like a 7.62mm. I have killed 5 deer with 120gr Nosler bullets so far (match rounds). I have not found an entrance wound on any deer but usually good exit wounds. The bullet is so pointy that it just slides in. This buck below was shot twice, once just above the diaphragm and once in the gut. The buck had neither entrance wounds nor exit wounds. It literally looked like it was scared to death since there was no blood on any part of the animal. The bullet that hit the ribs disintegrated. The bullet that hit the gut was recovered from the skin on the far side and is pictured below. The bullet broke in half (bottom half recovered) and the middle of the bullet looked like it was crimped with pliers indicating significant yaw. The bullet that disintegrated caused damage to the lungs and heart. None of the deer I've killed have run more than 30 yards and a few have dropped in their tracks from single thoracic cavity hits. I am going to use 129gr Hornady SST to see if I get better terminal ballistics. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and thank you for making such a wonderful rifle.

Billy B.
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