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What Our Customers Think

I would like to point out that I NEVER write emails like this! 2010-11-26
I am writing this email in regards to the telephone call I recently made to JP. I am in the market for an AR-type .223 Rifle. I have looked at all of them from all of the manufacturers. I spoke to Ben from JP Rifles on the phone. I just want to point out that I was completely satisfied with the conversation. Ben was very informative and helpful. EVERY question and concerned was addressed.

I was also looking at other manufacturers that my LE/Military/Shooting friends were impressed with. They seem to advertise quite a bit in the various magazines. I spoke, and considered, buying from your competition and I realized that you have NO competition. I am well aware of what high quality parts are. I am a Union Electrician/High Voltage Cable Splicer in Detroit, MI. I buy things that are made in the USA as best I can. I am glad that your company makes high quality US rifles that you are proud of and I would be proud to own. I told Ben that I am a "Car Guy" from the good ol' Motor City. I use high quality parts in my race car (1973 Plymouth Barracuda) so I am aware of their worth. You get what you pay for.....ALWAYS! When you are Cheap, it gets Expensive EVERYTIME! You seem to use the same principle throughout your company. I am not familiar with the rifle making process, however, when I hear you use words like Forged, Billet, Cryogenically Treated, etc, I know what you are talking about.

In the next 2-3 wks, I plan on purchasing a CTR-02 Precision Rifle with the following options: JP LMOS, 16" Black Barrel, Magpul UBR stock, standard Hogue pistol grip, Black Teflon coating on Barrel and Compensator, Black JP Thermal Dissipater (longest available), Large Profile JP Tactical Compensator (black), Black JP Handguard (slightly longer) to facilitate accessories (like vertical grip laser/light combo, sling, etc), a few sections of the JP Tactical Rail kits in 2" and 4", and a 1-4 MEOPTA that Ben recommended or an ACOG, sling stud, extra magazines, JP Shirt and a JP Hat. I am gathering the finances for this purchase right now. I hope to have this rifle very soon.
Ben assured me that I would be 100% pleased with my purchase. Your rifles draw a premium price and I expect that they are worth it. I would like that you advertise more, however, I shall do my part in spreading the JP name to my LE, Military, and Shooting friends. I "went in" to that conversation with Ben at JP, with many questions and a wrong direction. He steered me in the right direction and convinced me 100% to buy your Rifle and products. He even discussed the options with me and helped me decide what I would need. I will be using this JP CTR-02 Rifle for target shooting and for a 0-300m CQB gun. I have never owned an AR type rifle. JP Rifles makes the most beautiful rifles I have ever seen anywhere. I have seen and considered all of them. Your customer service is top of the line as I expect that your rifle will be too! I plan on recommending your company, and also to buy more rifles and accessories from you in the future. I am NOT one to buy second best. My first rifle will be the CTR-02.......not leaving me any room to upgrade to any better! You can't argue that all .223 rifles do the same thing. They all send a .223 round down range. You convinced me that I should send it out of a JP Rifle. Congratulations in doing that. You have competent people answering your phone and I believe that you have competent people building your rifles.

Thank You very much for your time on the phone and in reading this email. I hope that your company does very well for years to come. Strictly due to my positive experience on the phone with Ben, I will be buying from JP. Good Luck to you and your Shooting Team. Have a very Merry Christmas to you and your entire staff!

Tomas L.
Union Electrician
Detroit, Michigan

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