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What Our Customers Think

Thanks for putting out a outstanding American made product 2011-04-05
I just wanted to pass along a note of gratitude from a person that does not even own one of your rifles as of yet. I have never been a big rifle person but having found myself disabled due to a neurological disorder caused by diabetes, I have been researching and looking to get back into target shooting as a way to deal with the problems that life has dropped onto me. The reason for this message is simple in my mind. The more I look into AR type rifles and read about them it is obvious to any intelligent person that JP makes the very best the world has to offer. I am not really impressed with the people that call your products "target only" or "non-milspec" on the multiple forums that I read. Some of these individuals have years of real-life combat or carry experience under their belts...but they also had their helmets strapped on a little too tight in some cases. Not wanting too ever bad-mouth any person that served, as I have a family of them, I very much disapprove of the way that they really believe in the "it's my way only" way of thinking. It seems like JP takes its time and really puts thought behind products that it puts out. I also commend you on taking recent steps to offer more of the � damn I hate to say It � Black Rifles that have become popular to the masses. Don't get me wrong, a JP rifle is not a rifle for the masses in any respect. The masses are not smart enough to appreciate what you have to offer. I look so forward to someday being able to purchase one of your rifles, so far it is taking a lot longer than I wanted it too. A 3 year old and living on a disability income keeps things pretty tight, but the day will come. Keep up the great work and doing what you do best. Thanks for putting out a outstanding American made product.

Michael N.

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