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What Our Customers Think

"As to the JP rifles, well I have 3 in my unit right now..." 2010-01-19
...I want to personally thank you guys again for what you do for us in law enforcement. With out your training or products we would not be as prepared. On Sunday 2 of our SWAT guys responded to a domestic disturbance call.
The suspect is a known gang member and recently paroled out of prison. He tells his family he won't be going back to jail. He has his two small children (3 & 7) outside with him. He arms himself with a large butcher knife and a baseball bat. One in each hand.
The first officer to arrive deploys and sees this going on, takes a position of cover and draws his 1911. He begins to establish a dialogue. The suspect is in the front of his house in the drive ...the second officer hears this commotion about the weapons and deploys his AR-15. This is a JP rifle with an EO Tech sight and 60 grain TAP ammo. Both officers have limited cover and issue commands.
This lasts about 3-5 minutes. The suspect is in close proximity to the kinds and begins to charge the officers. They both fired fearing for the safety of the kids and themselves. The officer with the handgun fires 3 rounds. 2 enter the suspect's chest, and 1 round hits the suspects hand deflecting the round into his stomach after knocking off his finger. The officer with the JP rifle fires 2 rounds center mass and strike the suspect in the chest. The suspect was stopped in his tracks and dies. The officers move to him and handcuff him and secure the children and the house.
Both of them extol you guys for your product...John Paul, your rifles are the best investment we have made as a SWAT Team. I hope to have a continued working relationship with both of you. As to the JP rifles, well I have 3 in my unit right now...

LCPD SWAT Team Leader

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