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What Our Customers Think

"I should mention the outstanding service" 2010-05-26
John: I should mention the outstanding service Eric has given me. When I first called we spent about 30 minutes on the phone going over all the options and accessories. I purchased the rifle, Falcon scope, sling, cleaning rod, case and damn near every accessory that you had for my weapon. I was extremely satisfied of the way Eric explained everything. He then emailed me the invoices right away for me to check. I paid for everything in full to take advantage of the discount for paying in full. I then explained that I will be in a sniper school in July and was hoping to have the rifle. He said he could not promise that I would have it but he would do his best. That was good enough for me. I understand that people are ahead of me and if I get it before the school, then great. If not, I will use a Remingtion 700. I'm just curious if the instructors will know how to use the Falcon scope? Eric sent me the manual and I have been studying on how to use the optic.

My good friend that is a SWAT sniper and Assistant Team leader, He was very excited about your rifle. Unfortunately, he was killed on March 24th in Afghanistan by a roadside bomb. He was a Sgt. Major (Reserve) and had survived two tours in Iraq with the USMC Force Recon, but they finally got him with a roadside bomb on the 24th. He was the first LAPD officer killed in Afghanistan. He was one a handful of guys authorized to shoot from helicopters at targets on the ground for LAPD. He could do amazing things with a rifle and I was excited for him to try out my JP rifle. But, unfortunately, that won't happen. But he died doing what he loved and he made sure everyone knew that he loved fighting for our country and leading his men.

Anyway, sorry to get off on track. Thanks for the outstanding service and for being so helpful with my order.

Thanks again,


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