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What Our Customers Think

As of yesterday, the CTR-02 has achieved...a permanent (for life) stop in my safe. 2011-07-11
Dear JP rifles,

I will try to keep this letter as short as possible and to the point. First off, this is the first time that I have taken the time to write a company (good or bad). However, my experience and the quality of your product has pushed me to do so.

I would like to start by saying that I am not new to purchasing high-end and custom firearms. However, I am not accustomed to interactions and the final quality that I received from your company.

Back in January I called to order a JP CTR-02 and I was immediately taken back by the fact that the gentleman that was helping me with my order actually cared about what I wanted versus what he would buy. Not only was this guy extremely knowledgeable but he was able to give me
the pros and cons on a couple of options that prior to the phone call I was just not sure what I wanted. He was also very open with the fact that there were a couple of things that they were going to be releasing at SHOT Show and that he wanted to make sure that I did not
want to wait for one of those items.

Once the rifle was officially ordered, I was informed that because everyone was heading to SHOT Show that it might push the delivery out by a week. Honestly over the years delivery dates have become a joke to me. Basically, I take the estimated delivery time, multiply it by 3, and that gives me the time that I actually expect to receive the rifle. but NOT with your company. The rifle was actually delivered several days early. Man was I shocked!

Now off to the range. The accuracy of this rifle FAR surpasses my unrealistic expectations. I am not going to boast about group size, but suffice to say since I have received my JP I have sold my 2 long range .223 prairie dog guns and they have been fully replaced by the
equally as accurate JP.

As of yesterday, the CTR-02 has achieved something that only my Accuracy International Warfare rifle had achieved and that is a permanent (for life) spot in my safe. I simply cannot thank you enough for your company's dedicated passion to creating the finest AR-15 platforms and delivering them in a timely manner. I assure you because of all of this you will receive my future business.

Once again, thank you very much,
Tom B,

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