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What Our Customers Think

"Afterwords I told them I was looking for the best AR 15 out on the market..All 13 of then said JP!" 2009-04-16
First off I want to thank you for building me my new rifle. I want to tell you a story that you might appreciate. For my job at .... I was interviewing 13 SWAT officers. We were discussing what features they would want in a laser rangefinder by building it from the ground up. As you can imagine the session was quite informative! Afterwords I told them I was looking for the best AR 15 out on the market. And if they were to buy one which rifle would they recommend. All 13 of then said JP!

So I came back to work and wrote out my report then looked you guys up on the internet. A fellow named John helped me build my rifle. He asked me a lot of questions and we decided that the VTAC was my best bet. I put on the Trijicon TA01. Then...

The the waiting game started. It seemed to last forever!

So anyway thank you all. Hopefully I get to pick it up tomorrow. BUT they are predicting 8 - 10\" of snow here in Denver. So I might have to wait until Monday... So what is one more weekend?

Take care and thanks again!


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