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What Our Customers Think

"They truly are the best I have owned" 2012-05-03
I am a proud owner of 2 of your .223 rifles. I custom ordered a SCR-11 (20") from JP last year and was lucky enough to acquire a JP-15 (16") from an individual. They both are incredibly accurate and shoot factory 75 and 77 gr ammo lights out. The 20" has shot several .500 groups at 200 yards with a best of .400 using Federal Gold Medal Match 77 gr. The bolt gun guys hate me. This year I am reloading my own ammo and have been very successful in doing so.

I have used a lot of your information on your sight and I am sure many people like me really appreciate you putting it out there. I was using Tac from the beginning and I found it handy that you are using it in most of your .223 and .308 loads . My loads have been incredibly accurate after finding the sweet spot with powder amount and bullet seating depths. I ended up within .1 grains on everything you recommended on 77 gr .223 155 gr .308 and 168 .308 . I am ordering a LRP-07 this summer due to the great success with my other rifles of yours. They truly are the best I have owned.
Your staff is first class and made it very pleasant to do business with your company. Thanks again and I can't wait to order my .308 from you.


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