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What Our Customers Think

"Just ridiculous accurate and pleasant to shoot" 2012-08-22
Just wanted to drop you a quick line and say thank you! I received the rifle and have had some time to shoot it.

It is unbelievably accurate. First 10 shots out of the rifle, 3 for sighters and 7 for group. The 7 for group measured .74 outside to outside. That was with factory Federal Gold Medal Match 175gr.

Next was my hand-load of a 190gr. SMK over 48.5gr. RL17, 5 Shots into .45 outside to outside. I then dialed dope for 600 yards and put 5 shots into the head of an IPSC target that measured 2.6.

My .243 bolt gun barely does that. I was amazed. Just ridiculous accurate and pleasant to shoot. Thanks again for such an accurate and sexy rifle.

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