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What Our Customers Think

"You just sent me the best rifle I have ever owned" 2010-02-08
You just sent me the best rifle I have ever owned and I don't thing I would leave you now. I hope to figure out how I want the next one configured for a future order.

Yesterday I shot my first ever 1/4 inch 5 shot group at 100 yards. I have been shooting and reloading for 30 years and never before accomplished that. I have always thought 1 inch was good enough until now.

My purchase experience with JP exceeded all expectations. From the time I opened the box, read the manual and viewed the DVD. Everything is first class!

Please and a section to the DVD for the wife's of new JP owners explaining the infatuation factor. She just doesn't understand why I just sit there hold it with that lustful glint in my eyes. She said, I hope you don't plan on trying to sleeping with that thing. Gee...guess I'll miss her for awhile.

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