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What Our Customers Think

"I fired 80 rounds of 200 grain bullets down range and there was never any recoil fatigue!" 2013-02-15
I would like to thank you for the outstanding performance of your screw on muzzle brake. I built a custom long range rifle in 8 MM Remington Magnum where I am using the new 200 grain plus match bullets from Sierra and Hornandy. The new powders being made by St.Marks in Florida and being sold by Hodgdon and Winchester allow this long overlooked cartridge to really perform as it should have. 3,300 FPS out of my rifle can easily be reached with very low chamber pressures.

I knew that recoil was going to be a factor and wanted a muzzle brake that would work rather than just look good. I had a chance to shoot a TC Contender in .308 that had your brake installed and was impressed with how well it worked.

A local dealer had your brake in .30 caliber and I bought it for my rifle. Using your data I bored out the brake .040 larger than the .323 bullet. I timed the brake to my 29" barrel. A range trip to try out the new rifle was done yesterday and the results were very impressive.

The rifle has no recoil with bullets up to 165 grains. Heavier than that and the recoil was less than shooting a .223 rifle! I fired 80 rounds of 200 grain bullets down range and there was never any recoil fatigue! Without your break this could not have been done.

Thank you for such a fine product.

Rob S.

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