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"That ain't's Franklin" 2013-08-02
Developing my 308 load for my LRP-07 and my first load looked really good. I went further, bracketed it and it's still the winner. Kind of amazing, I could have only shot 6 rounds and had the best 308 load I've ever had. In just about all my groups, the first shot was a flyer. Not so much the ammo or the rifle, just me trying to get settled on a horrible bench.

This is totally great powder for lighter bullets, Hodgdon H4895, and a cheap fairly good bullet Speer TnT 125gr HP. I've also got some Sierra 125 MatchKings I would like to test, but not until I find a couple 8's of the powder.

I haven't reached out with these yet, I've got to get my CQB 100yd ammo worked out - junk 150's with 4064, then I'll be on the 400 yd seeing what I'll see with old eyes and iron sights.

6 shots total with 1 flyer. I'm afraid to measure the cc on the 5 - I might get a big head.

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PS: that ain't's Franklin
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