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What Our Customers Think

"A serious athlete needs serious gear." 2015-08-07
A serious athlete needs serious gear. In IPSC rifle that means a JP rifle, period.

From 2009 onwards, our JP rifles have consistently outperformed all competition in the Dutch market. Our JP rifles in .223 have never failed us in competition. They are highly accurate, easy to shoot fast en are 100% reliable, all of which are requisites for IPSC Rifle. At the ERC 2012in Bulgaria, the Dutch team put their JPCTR02 and JP15 rifles to good use and secured a 2nd place overall.

Our training program for the upcoming ERC involves shooting more than 15k rounds per team-member. With the JP.22 uppers replicating the handling and weight of our .223 JP match rifles we can train more cost-effective and about half of our training effort is now done with .22LR.

JP is our rifle of choice for training, competition and the ERC 2015

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