6 Techniques to Keep Your Guns Safe

James Forrester

Keeping guns safe should be a key concern for anyone who owns a firearm. Guns are good to have and know how to use, but they can also be dangerous without the right precautions.

1. Invest In a Gun Safe

By far, gun safes are one of the most effective ways to make sure that your firearms are kept safe and out of the reach of children. They’re also great for keeping your guns in one spot if you ever need to reach for them in a hurry.

Beyond keeping them out of the reach of kids, firearms are one of the most targeted possessions during household robberies. Guns can be worth quite a lot of money. By placing them in a safe with other valuable possessions, you’ll make it harder for any potential thieves to get their hands on your firearms.

There are affordable gun safes on the market, so you don’t have to break the bank when it comes to storing your firearms. Overall, look for one that is thick and made from American steel rather than Chinese steel to ensure it’s durable.

2. Store Your Ammunition Separately

Another key to consistent firearm safety is to store your ammunition separately from your actual firearms. If the rounds for your guns are kept in a different location, it’s more difficult for kids or people who shouldn’t be handling the gun to load it and then fire it.

Storing your ammunition in a separate spot takes only a moment and doesn't cost you anything since the rounds can safely be kept in places other than a secure safe. Places where they aren't likely to fall out of their boxes are best since this prevents the bullets from spilling everywhere easily.

3. Keep Firearms Unloaded When Not in Use

When you’re not using them at the range, your guns should always be kept unloaded. This is a good gun safety habit that anyone who shoots regularly should already practice. A loaded gun, after all, is one that can potentially go off. Even if you think the safety is engaged and you’re keeping the barrel pointed at the ground, always double check this!

This also makes it so that kids, if they do get their hands on a gun, can’t accidentally injure themselves. No ammunition loaded means that a gun is mostly harmless.

4. Educate Everyone in Your Family

If you frequently use a gun, everyone in your family should be educated on the basics of gun safety. This is particularly important if you have guns for the purposes of self-defense. After all, your family members may need to protect themselves if you are ever incapacitated.

Making sure that everyone is properly educated reduces the likelihood of accidents or possible self-injury. In addition, it makes sure that your guns will always be unloaded when not in use and stored and cleaned correctly, which adds to their lifespan.

5. Invest in Gun Locks

Gun locks are another great security investment, although they’re mainly useful when transporting your weapons from your home to the gun range. When at home, they should remain in a good gun safe. Otherwise, gun locks can protect your weapons and keep them from being used by children or people you don’t intend to fire them.

6. Keep Guns Out of Reach of Children

Finally, all guns should be kept away from kids at all times. Children should only be allowed to hold weapons when they are being taught to shoot by a capable adult.


Following these six simple guidelines will help ensure that your firearms are never misused and you never have an accident. Guns are great and satisfying to use, but only when used properly and with good safety precautions.

James Forrester is the editor of KeepGunsSafe.com, a website focused on providing education on gun safety and how to properly store guns in homes. In addition to this, James loves the outdoors and enjoys sharing various insights about camping, hunting, and useful survival tips.


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