Solutions for High Pressure Ammo

By John Paul


This might come off sounding like a sales pitch, but if you've read this far, the subject must matter to you. If so, it's worth your while to know that we've solved this problem and to see how we did it.

The pressure issues with large-frame rifles like the LRP-07 have been well-known for years. The solution was obvious once I thought about it. It just never seemed the highest priority, so the concept for our high pressure bolt collected mental dust.

Still, there was one customer that called every few months for a couple years just to find out where the project stood. I regretted having to tell him repeatedly that it was still on the back burner. That was my real motivation.

Finally, I pushed it to the top of the list. We put a lot of thought and effort into the high-pressure bolt, both in concept and in development. I was glad to see this show through in the final product.

Our EnhancedBolt™ line has been a great success for us, but I won't go into every little improvement we've made. When it comes to high pressure ammo, there were two major changes to the design of the .308 bolt that have all but licked the problem:

Reduced Diameter Firing Pin — Taking the cue from bolt gun design, we reduced the firing pin diameter along with the corresponding hole size in the bolt face. The smaller hole reduces the possibility of the primer deforming into it.

As a side benefit, this reduces the mass of the firing pin significantly, cutting down lock time and further enhancing the potential accuracy of the platform.

Redesigned Ejector/Pin Hole — Altering the extractor design has eliminated the features most prone to case head flow. This means less distortion into the extractor cavity and elimination of brass shavings even when some extrusion occurs.

While these are hardly the only advancements of the HP bolt design, they are the most important. Changing these two features virtually eliminates the negative symptoms of high-pressure ammo in gas guns. Considering that treating the "disease" means just switching ammo, we'll take this happily.

At this point, I would not run a large-frame gas gun without this new bolt design.


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