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ACE Skeletonized Buttstock Kit with QD Swivel

Manufacturer's Description

Multiple sling points are but one of the many features that make this lightweight, aluminum stock ideal for competition, sporting and tactical use.

Closed-cell, foam over-tube provides a soft, comfortable cheek weld, plus insulates your face from vibration and inclement weather. Over-tube is formulated to withstand cleaning solvents and gun oils, UV radiation, freezing temperatures, salt water and rough handling. Machined aluminum buttplate is drilled and tapped for rubber Butt Pad (included). Installation requires A-2 buffer tube, rifle buffer, and rifle buffer spring.

  • Supplied with a Grovetc QD sling swivel
  • Two additional Uncle Mike's sling attachment points
  • Uses your existing A2 fixed stock buffer tube as the top tube to keep weight to a minimum

Price: $99.95