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AR-15/AR-10 Enhanced Magazine Catch

It's a special kind of frustration to botch activation on your rifle controls when speed is critical. When it comes to a mag. release, extra area and texture can help. For this, we have our extended mag. release button compatible with any Mil-spec-style mag. release.

Available in all our standard colors for cosmetically conscious, this design avoids the unsightly through hole of most aftermarket buttons thanks to a unique attachment method. Form and function need not clash.


  1. Larger, extended pad for faster, easier reloads
  2. More aggressive texture to avoid finger slip
  3. Quick, easy installation using existing standard mag. catch
  4. Toolless installation avoids accidental receiver scratching
  5. Full JP color selections to match your other colored accessories
  6. Refined look with no visible through hole


To install this mag. catch, there needs to be adequate clearance around the mag. catch button hole for the button to rotate 360°. The button must be free to clear a .66" diameter rotation. Mil-spec-style lowers offer plenty of clearance, but some proprietary lower designs may not.

This mag. catch button may also not be compatible with certain aftermarket mag. catches that differ from a Mil-spec design. For this reason, this part is not compatible with our ASF-20™ lower receiver due to its ambidextrous mag. catch.


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Price: $49.95