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PCC Hand Guard Weight

Turn those Alpha-Charlies into Two-Alphas

Who would want to make their PCC heavier? Well, hear us out. This PCC hand guard weight can be positioned within the hand guard, close to the receivers. By adding weight at this position, recoil movement is cut dramatically while improving accuracy on follow-up shots. Tested and approved by our own Josh Froelich for his PCC use, this hand guard weight is just the kick your PCC game needs.

"This doesn't move at all!" and "softest PCC I've ever shot" are just some of the reactions we've heard from skeptical shooters who gave this weight a try in our testing. What's more, the JP engineer who designed these says he went from a novice to a master class shooter with just this upgrade.

Package includes two weight halves and required hardware for a total added weight of .71 lbs.


  • Reduced recoil movement
  • Faster, more accurate follow-up shots
  • Offers weight customization and tuning for your PCC
  • Can offer matching weight/balance to a gas gun for training consistency
  • Simple, non-permanent mounting process


  • Fits any 2" OD JP hand guards, including MK III
  • Requires barrel diameter under 1 1/8"
  • Will fit gas guns only if mounted in front of the gas block
  • Not compatible with large-frame rifles or MR-19™
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Price: $59.95