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JPoint™ Micro-electronic Reflex Sight

The dot of the 8 MOA JPoint™ is noticeably larger and brighter than the 4 MOA model making it easier to find and use, especially in very bright-light conditions where a smaller dot can be lost. In particular, shooters with diminished eyesight tend to prefer the larger 8 MOA dot.

Includes sight, sight cover, dial with 1.5mm wrench, CR2032 battery and instructional manual.


The JPoint™ is compatible with plate 04 of the Glock MOS system. A pair of M4x0.7 screws is required for attachment.

The screw length is non-standard, and screws will need to be shortened to fit. A 10mm screw can be trimmed to fit: M4 x 0.7 x 10mm (diameter x pitch x length)


Product Instructions

Price: $199.95