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PSC-12™ Upper Receiver Assembly

   Large Frame | Armalite/Knights

As with our PSC-11™ Upper Receiver Kits, we decided to release a .308 compatible PSC-12™ Upper Receiver Kit to the home builder. This kit includes:

  • PSC-12™ upper receiver (Armalite Pattern)
  • Ejection port cover and hardware
  • Forward assist and hardware
  • Choice of top- and side-charging handles:
    1. Top charge: Standard or Radian Raptor-LT
    2. Side charge: Low Profile or Competition
  • Choice of JP bolt carrier:
    1. Full Mass Operating System (FMOS™) JPBC-5
    2. Black Low Mass Operating System (LMOS™) JPBC-4
    3. Polished Stainless Low Mass Operating System (LMOS™) JPBC-4SP
    4. Standard Steel Variable Mass Operating System (VMOS™) JPBC-7
    5. Heavy Steel Variable Mass Operating System (VMOS™) JPBC-7H2
    6. Aluminum Variable Mass Operating System (VMOS™) JPBC-8
  • JP High Pressure EnhancedBolt™ group (bolt, cam pin, firing pin and firing pin retaining pin)

This kit assembles exactly like a traditional .308 upper with the simple addition of the side-charge handle, which slips into place as easily as a standard T-handle. If you can build an upper, you can build your own PSC-12 and tap the potential yourself.

Compatibility: The PSC-12™ upper receiver is the Armatlie version of our large-frame PSC upper and is compatible with any lower receiver that will accept a Armalite-style upper receiver such as the Knights Armament, Larue and MEGA .308 platforms. Refer to the photos in the gallery above.

JP cannot guarantee function with any specific lower (other than our own). It is the end user's responsibility to verify final compatibility.

This receiver is compatible with our the D Series of our MK III Hand Guard System, i.e., hand guards with a 'D' after the number in the part number (JPHGS-1D, JPHG3-6D-RC, etc.)

Notice on Fitment

While we can ensure fitment on matched receiver sets, slight variations in manufacturing tolerances, metal finishing and coatings make final fitment between one of our upper receivers and your own impossible to guarantee.


Bolt Carrier:

Top Charge Handle:

Side Charge Handle:

Price: $1,195.00