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Law Tactical Folder Silent Captured Spring Package
AR-10 Standard

The Law Tactical Folding Stock Adapter is far and away the most popular and capably designed device of its type. The only missing piece was compatibility with the JP Silent Captured Spring that could meet true duty-level durability and reliability standards.

Thanks to a great collaboration with Law Tactical, JP is proud to offer a conversion package to bring the Law folder and SCS together. This two-piece design underwent multiple concept iterations and a battery of harsh failure testing. The final result finally provides the superior cycling benefits of the SCS with no dependability compromise for your Law folder-equipped rifle.

This Silent Captured Spring package includes everything you need for an existing Law Tactical folding stock adapter setup:

  • Law Tactical compatible Silent Captured Spring (AR-10 Standard)
  • SCS buffer retainer and spring
  • Bolt carrier extension
  • Spacer shims
  • Installation instructions

Weight: 6.4 oz. (with bolt carrier extension)

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The Law Tactical folder is not compatible with our Variable Mass Operating System (VMOS™) bolt carriers.

See our FAQ section if you have more compatibility questions.


Patents: 8,800,424
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Spring Pack - 20% Off:

Price: $195.95