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Important JP Product Safety Notices and Recalls

Important Anti-Walk Pin Safety Notice 2010-06-01
PDF - Important Anti-Walk Pin Safety Notice
Time period covered by this notice: June, 2007 through December 2009.

This notice applies if you have:

1. Purchased a JP-15™, JP-15™/VTAC, CTR-02™ or LRP-07™ rifle or lower assembly from JP Enterprises or our dealers.
2. Sent in a lower receiver for the installation of a JPFCP fire control package including speed hammer and anti-walk pins.
3. Purchased a JPFCP kit or JPAW pins for home installation from JP Enterprises, our dealers or distributors.

We are constantly reevaluating our products from both the safety and reliability standpoint, and it has come to our attention that the thread locker product used to secure the button-head screws in the JP Anti-Walk Pins installed in JP assembled rifles and lowers may not be properly curing. This could allow the retaining screws to vibrate out of the pins during live fire. This applies to any JP-15™, JP-15™/VTAC, CTR-02™ or LRP-07™ assembled—or custom trigger installation performed—with the second-generation anti-walk pins installed with button-head screws.

Loss of a retaining screw due to the effects of live fire could result in the trigger or hammer pins becoming unsecured in the receiver. If the unsecured trigger or hammer pins back out of the receiver and the pin drops one side into the receiver, misalignment of fire control components could cause serious malfunctions such as failure to fire or accidental discharge. Either case can result in injury or death.

It is extremely important to test the screws on your receivers by placing a 1/16" hex driver on both sides and attempting to turn counterclockwise to determine if the screws are properly secured. If either side backs out with little or no force applied, remove the screws and thoroughly degrease the threaded hole and the screw using a solvent such as lacquer thinner. Apply an appropriate thread locker product and allow it to cure as instructed by the manufacturer before further use. Check all screws again after the thread locker sets up. Note that it is only necessary to check to see if the screws will not move with light force applied to the keys. There is no need to apply enough force to actually remove the screws, only to test the retention of the thread locker product.

If you have installed a JPFCP kit or AW pins, also test the screws to ensure that your thread locker has cured and that the screws are secured. In any case, if you are not able to secure the screws properly, please contact us to send in your lower assembly for service in the JP custom shop with a one-week turnaround. Upon request, JP Enterprises will supply new screws pre-coated with a thread locker at no charge to replace these screws.

Email or call us with questions or if you need replacement screws.

[email protected]

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