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Modular Trigger
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JPFC-M Modular Trigger

The crisp, precise feel of a JP custom shop trigger is something we've never compromised. It's no surprise that the original JP Fire Control Kit was the second product we brought to market. Ever since, the clean break of a JP trigger has been unmistakable and unmatched.

At long last, we're pleased to offer that same signature JP trigger feel in the convenience of a module once again. Originally introduced back in 2004, the JPFC-M is back, newly redesigned to not just replicate but innovate.

Beyond combining the quality of a JP trigger with unmatched ease of installation, the new JPFC-M incorporates an interchangeable shoe feature for user customization. The core module can be easily reconfigured with one of three different shoe designs: curved, flat and roller. Shooters of any discipline or application will find an option to suit their purpose and preference.

Preassembled and hand-tuned in a stainless steel housing, the JPFC-M features wire-cut components for a super-precise relationship requiring no user adjustment. Installation of the module is nothing more than inserting the trigger pins and tightening down two screws to secure the module in place.

The also comes packaged with your choice of shoe style and color for the curved or flat shoes, each available in black, silver, red or blue. Also included are our signature Anti-Walk Pins and an ambidextrous safety selector with levers color-matched to the trigger. Plus, two alternate rate hammer springs allow for user customization of trigger pull.

A signature JP trigger with drop-in ease. That's what the market has needed and demanded, and we're happy to finally oblige again.

JP Modular Triggers
JPFC-MCJP Fire Control Module

Curved Trigger
JPFC-MFJP Fire Control Module

Flat Trigger
JPFC-MRJP Fire Control Module

Roller Trigger
JPFC-TSJP Interchangeable Trigger Shoes$39.95

Can I change out just the trigger of my JPFC-M?

Yes. The trigger shoe of the JPFC-M is interchangeable with any other trigger style or color we offer. The individual shoes can be ordered separately and exchanged easily. Instructions for swapping shoes are included with the product.

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