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Production/Shipping Times and Status Checks

Production/Shipping Times
Rifles and Upper Assemblies
14-16 weeks
Ready Rifles
14-16 weeks
Lower Assemblies
6-8 weeks
Semi-Auto Chassis System / APAC Chassis
4-6 Weeks
Barrel Kits
4-6 Weeks
Barrel with Bolt
1 Week
   Special finishes and other non-standard items/services will add to production times.
JP Fire Control Installation
3-4 weeks
Retail Part Orders
2-3 Days

Due to limited availability of certain components, certain custom builds may experience delays beyond the shipping times listed here.

Status Checks

We are always trying to allocate our customer service resources as best possible to ensure the timeliest delivery. For this reasons, we must ask you to refrain from placing calls or emails requesting status checks or delivery dates on pending orders. You will be notified by email when the order has shipped. Your cooperation will ensure a faster delivery for all customers. To change or add to your order, please call or email [email protected].

For drop-ship orders placed through our distributors, please contact the distributor directly. We provide them with notices about product availability and shipping that may be of help. Moreover, because the distributor is our actual customer for these transactions, we cannot readily track individual drop-ship orders in our system. Thank you for your understanding.


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