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Shipping to JP


Do not ship your firearm, frame or receiver directly to us. Instead, ship through your local dealer and arrange to receive the return shipment at that same dealer. This does not need to be the original dealer who sold/transferred the firearm to you.

Current policies at UPS and Federal Express no longer allow us to ship firearms directly to inviduals, so all such shipments must go through a licensed dealer. Managing the shipment in this way does not require an additional background check or transfer so long as the firearms comes to us through the dealer and is returned to that same dealer.

Requirements for shipping your firearm to us:

  1. Contact us before sending in your firearm or assembly. Do not ship until we have had a chance to diagnose the issue remotely and given you a work order number. Only then should you send in your firearms or assembly.
  2. Prior to shipping, remove all scopes, mounts and accessories from your firearm unless they are necessary for the work to be done. This will further reduce your risk and save you additional labor charges. Avoid sending serial-numbered components if possible.
  3. For AR-15 Trigger Installations ship lower assembly only. Stripped lowers should be shipped with selector lever. Because of unreliable manufacturing and tolerances, we do not perform trigger installations on 80% lowers.
  4. For bolt gun work, remove barrel action, optics and accessories. Remove stock, optics and accessories from barreled action.
  5. If you use original factory boxes, we recommend inserting them into another plain box so as not to have any indication that a firearm is enclosed.
  6. Make sure that the firearm is well packed to prevent movement and damage in shipment. There should be a buffer of at least one inch of packing material between your firearm and the wall of the box. If you are shipping a rifle, wrap some extra cardboard around the action to prevent the trigger from punching through the side of the box and getting damaged.
  7. If you do not have shipping boxes and/or packing materials to ship us your firearm, supplies are readily available at shipping outlets like the UPS Store or from office supply outlets.
  8. When selecting a box to ship your firearm, make sure to choose a box that will accommodate the firearm after the work is performed. Adding a stock, muzzle break, etc. increases the dimensions of your firearm, so the box and packing material you use should allow for that change in dimension. Additionally, when securing your firearm with packing material, strive for simplicity. If your packing process is long and complicated, it will be twice the burden for us when we have to unpack and then repack your firearms for return. An inexpensive plastic hard case makes for a good shipping box if you secure the clasps with duct tape. If you choose to ship in a hard case without using protective cushioning around the case itself, be aware that the case may suffer some cosmetic or physical damage in transit.
  9. Shipping ammunition to accompany your rifle may sometimes be necessary. Ammunition must ship in a separate box from the firearm. Make sure to pack ammunition securely in accordance with the current guidelines of your carrier. Only send the amount of ammo that will be needed for the particular work/assessment needed. Live ammunition will not be returned.
  10. To avoid additional transfers, serial numbered items must ship back to the same licensed dealer from which they were shipped to JP Enterprises. This does not need to be the same FFL that first transferred the firearm to you. Include a copy of your dealer's FFL and make sur eto reference the work order number we provide with your shipment. The address of your dealer should be treated as as the originating address.

Return shipping and insurance will usually run $25.00 to $35.00.


When sending in non-serial numbered components for repair or diagnostics, the following work order must be included. Include any information you have discussed with us prior to shipping on this form. Upon receipt of your shipment, we will call or email you an acknowledgement.

If you have any questions, please contact us at (651) 426-9196 or email at [email protected].

Click to Download Work Order Form


Like sky diving, rock climbing and motor racing, the handling of firearms involves a certain amount of unavoidable risk.  Minimizing the risk is the job of the shooter.  If you are not the type of person that can accept the responsibility of your own actions, guns are not for you.

The use of any custom parts or modifications may void any warranty from the manufacturer of your firearm.

We strongly recommend that the safety and function of your modified firearms be checked by a qualified gunsmith.

No liability is expressed or implied for damage, injury or death resulting from the improper use or misuse of any JP firearms, JP components or firearms modified using JP components.

Remember the four commandments of firearms safety:

  1. Treat all guns as if they are loaded.
  2. Never sweep yourself or anyone else with the muzzle.
  3. Never place your finger in the trigger guard until you're ready to fire.
  4. Be sure that your backstop is safe.

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