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What Our Customers Think

Thanks again for hiring and maintaining such quality enjoyable people! 2011-07-25
I have been hunting since I was 7, worked my way up to a Wilson Combat in the 1911 world, and am a Frontsight diamond member. I recently decided I needed to play with an AR... Realizing my level of knowledge was zero, I pinged my normal cohorts, one of which has a master class rating for all pistol classes, and is no stranger to ARís. So I called JP on his advice, expecting to be treated as the low knowledge dork I knew I was in this arena. I was connected to Ben Zimmerman, by chance as the other person who promptly responded to my emails simply was not available. Ben took me from Kindergartner to associate level knowledge in the course of a no blinking or swallowing confab. There simply was not a question he could not answer to satisfy my ignorant and inquisitive condition. He cleared the immense amount of buyer confusion that exists (for me) in this supplier rich environment...

I am sure you are as busy as I am, I get about 160 emails a day, but I felt since I RARELY get the customer service I think is warranted in such a costly market (firearms) that I would pass this along to give credit where credit is due, and one last point. Thanks again for hiring and maintaining such quality enjoyable people!

My father has a colt and will likely step into the JP world soon as well.

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