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JP Military/LE Weapons Systems

No JP rifle is more important than one for a soldier or LEO.

For nearly three decades, JP Enterprises has been an unmatched manufacturer of quality, reliable rifles for law enforcement. The choice of dozens of departments across the world, we’re especially proud to be the SWAT and patrol rifle of choice for many of the departments in and around our home state of Minnesota.

We subject our rifles to durability and reliability tests in the harshest environments and conditions. We also employ and sponsor many current and retired law enforcement personnel. That’s why we’re confident our rifles can share the burden of the officers committed to public safety.

The reputation we’ve built over years with our department partners is without peer. This comes not only from a commitment to quality and dependability. It comes from treating the delivery if our rifles not as the end of a sale, but the beginning of a relationship.

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The JP Advantage for Law Enforcement

  • Greater Value: Assessed over time, a JP rifle’s quality components will suffer reduced breakage for less down time compared to comparable or lower-priced rifles
  • Enhanced Reliability: A rifle that's always on call ensures that life and death decisions won’t rely what the “lowest bidder” provides
  • Superior Accuracy: Improved recoil reduction from proprietary JP components equates to high hit probability and improved public safety
  • Improved Officer Safety: Top tier equipment provides guarantees high performance and peace of mind
  • Reduced Agency Liability: Components and build processes drawn from real-life LEO experience to minimize equipment malfunctions resulting in risk to both officers and civilians
  • Strong Support: Any officer or department that carries JP rifles goes to the front of the line for all service and technical support, including our Technician Certification Course

Individual Officer Ready Rifles

The JP Ready Rifle Program is to put a top-of-the-line JP rifle in your hands as fast as we possibly can. We offer several ready-to-ship models for individual officer or SWAT purchase from patrol rifles up to sniper systems.

Law enforcement discounts are available on all listed models. Contact us for exact pricing.

Law Enforcement Ready Rifles
RR-JP15PROJP-15™ Professional Rifle
.223 Wylde | 16" | XL Hand Guard
RR-JP15PRJP-15™ Patrol Rifle
.223 Wylde | 16" | Rifle Hand Guard
RR-GMR15APCGMR-15™ All-Purpose Carbine
9mm | 14.5" | Rifle Hand Guard

Law Enforcement Agency Carbines

The JP Agency Rifle Program combines our unmatched standards for quality, performance and reliability with the means to provide rifles at scale and with better pricing than ever before. Each model incorporates the same quality fire control, operating system and barrels as our custom builds, all assembled by the same top-notch technicians.

Drawing from the applied experience and feedback of our law enforcement partners, these rifles prioritize risk mitigation. We recognize the danger for all parties involved that comes with any officer-involved shooting. This research has led to targeted refinement of our component engineering and build techniques. The goal is to overcome as much as possible the danger of accidental discharge or other failures that can increase agency liability.

Maximizing the possibility of a "good shoot" is central to the design theory of our Mil/LE weapon systems.

We offer options for patrol carbines in 5.56 with specialized short-barreled application and optional suppressor use. With similar configuration options, our 9mm GMR-15™ models include dual-charge uppers, offering a seamless transition from either the AR or MP5 platform for the team operator. For both calibers, models are available in three tiers to match varying department budgets without compromise to reliability.

For more information on agency purchases, click here.

Factory Technician Certification Course

Beyond our unrivaled customer service and technical support, JP Enterprises offers a multi-day training course for department armorers. This is a great value for agencies making a multiple-rifle purchase.

Our factory certification course covers the vital maintenance, diagnostic and build techniques to keep your new rifles running at peak performance. Taught by our elite technicians, this training goes above and beyond similar training from other manufacturers.

As part of qualifying orders, this course is available free of charge to department armorers at our facility in Minnesota. Agencies/departments are responsible for associated travel and expenses.

Custom Marking

For orders of five or more rifles, we offer free custom receiver lasermarking for the department or agency. More information about our lasermarking services is available here.

Agency | 5.56
556T1-SJP-15™ Agency Rifle
.223/5.56 NATO
Tier 1 Suppressed
556T1JP-15™ Agency Rifle
.223/5.56 NATO
Tier 1
556T2JP-15™ Agency Rifle
.223/5.56 NATO
Tier 2
556T3JP-15™ Agency Rifle
.223/5.56 NATO
Tier 3

Agency | 9mm
9MMT1-SGMR-15™ Agency Rifle
Tier 1 Suppressed
9MMT1GMR-15™ Agency Rifle
Tier 1 Standard
9MMT2GMR-15™ Agency Rifle
Tier 2

Law Enforcement Agency Sniper Rifles

These premium precision rifles offer the benefit of a lower overall cost of ownership thanks to superior components and longer service life. Building on our premium rifle feature set, these affordable configurations draw directly from the rifles in use by officers across the country:

Suppressor Compatible: While equipped with compensators, both models utilize our VMOS™ (Variable Mass Operating System) designed for reliable suppressed use. Whether your department runs suppressed now or may in the future, you’ll have the rifle to accommodate.

Accessory Ready: These models come equipped with a full-length 12:00 rail for night or thermal vision needs. Additional accessory rails and sling swivel are also included.

Accessory Ready: MAGPUL sets the standard in duty ready stocks and grips. The GEN3 PRS and MIAD provide optimal stability, adjustment and ergonomics for these models. For a more compact stock to accomodate operators of smaller stature or the bulk of a plate carrier, we also recommend the adjustable MAGPUL UBR as a sturdy alternative on these rifles.

Both built on our top-quality billet receivers, what differentiates these models is the charging system, selectable to suit your department’s needs:

Side-Charge: The new LRI-20™ integral nut receiver is the basis of our non-reciprocating side-charge model. The hallmark of our precision rifle line, this charging handle offers significant advantages over traditional AR-10-type rifles. The operator can charge and clear the rifle without breaking the cheek weld with access unimpeded by optic placement.

Top-Charge: More conservative and price-conscious, the LTI-23™ model utilizes the traditional top-charge handle familiar to anyone accustomed to an AR platform. This model features an upgraded Radian Raptor charging handle for easier manipulation.

With either of these premium sniper systems, the marksmen in your department will have the hardware to meet the demands of their role. Read more about our Agency Rifle Program offerings here.

Agency | .308
308SCLRI-20™ Agency Sniper Rifle
.308 Win.
308TCLTI-23™ Agency Sniper Rifle
.308 Win.

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