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M-LOK Hand Guard Series

With the release of the M-LOK mounting system, Magpul set the industry standard. While we still tout the advantages of our direct-mount system, there’s no denying the dominance of M-LOK. And that goes double for military and law enforcement.

The M-LOK Series answers two calls we’ve heard in recent years:

  1. First, for a sturdy, JP-quality M-LOK option for our rifles, particularly from law enforcement
  2. Second, for narrower tube alternative for shooters of a smaller stature or those that just prefer a slimmer grip

On both counts, the M-LOK Series delivers while living up to our high standards. After its test run at the 2019 SHOT Show, we took another year to get the engineering right, matching a lighter design with fully duty-ready durability.

Available in three lengths, the M-LOK Series features a slimmer 1.6” tube with an integral, full-length top rail. Keeping with our modular design philosophy, rails and accessories can mount to any of the remaining seven positions around the tube. Our heavy-duty rock-blast finish then offers a coarse, no-slip grip along the full length.

The mounting method utilizes a slimmed-down version of our proven dual-nut system for the same extreme strength and retention as our MK III system. Added to this is a sturdy bayonet-style cross-bolt attachment that allows for easy mounting over most low-profile gas blocks while still giving a positive threaded attachment for the tube. Compatible with any AR-15 upper receiver, the M-LOK Series hand guards are a great JP offering for any rifle build you have in the works.

M-LOK Series | AR-15/M16
JPHGM-6MM-LOK Series Hand Guard
   Length: XL (15.5" OAL)
   Platform: AR-15/M16
JPHGM-1MM-LOK Series Hand Guard
   Length: Rifle (12.5" OAL)
   Platform: AR-15/M16
JPHGM-5MM-LOK Series Hand Guard
   Length: Mid (9.25" OAL)
   Platform: AR-15/M16
JPHGM-4MM-LOK Series Hand Guard
   Length: Carbine (7.125" OAL)
   Platform: AR-15/M16

M-LOK Rails and Accessories
MAG580-BLKMagpul M-LOK® Aluminum Rail
3 Slot
MAG581Magpul M-LOK® Aluminum Rail
5 Slot
MAG583Magpul M-LOK® Aluminum Rail
9 Slot
MAG606Magpul M-LOK® Push Button QD Sling Swivel Mount $18.95
MAG608Magpul M-LOK® Hand Guard Hand Stop Kit $23.95
JPROS45° Rail Offset Adapter$62.00




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