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JP Modular Hand Guard System

The JP Modular Hand Guard System represents the forefront in hand guard engineering and function. In its design, we made sure to address the four key components of an effective rifle setup:

Safety: With some hand guards, depending on the optic/sight setup, it is possible to grab the rifle in such a way as to touch the hot gas tube. The JP outer nut design and tube completely shield this area to prevent this from happening. The nut also completely covers the transitional area between the receiver and nut to prevent the exposed tube from being crushed if the rifle is dropped on a rock in just the right manner. The chances of this are remote, but on the battlefield or in any tactical operation, anything can happen. There is also a significant reduction of the thermal optical distortion effect from hot air off the barrel/gas tube rising in front of the scope or sights under calm conditions.

Precision: Free floating tubular hand guards for the AR-15 offer the greatest improvement in accuracy of any single modification. In addition to overall accuracy improvement, point of impact will not change regardless of how the rifle is being shot, whether with a bipod, sling or hand held. Assuming a good barrel and ammunition, it's not uncommon for accuracy to improve from 1.5 -2.0 MOA to sub-MOA with a properly installed free float tube.

Our tube is secured to the outer nut with six flathead screws for a rock solid relationship that will never turn and will remain precisely aligned to the upper receiver. Therefore, any accessories like secondary sights, co-witnessed sights or tactical lights will stay in precise relationship to the upper receiver improving accuracy and hit probability with those accessories. The ventilated, fluted design is also 20% lighter than standard tubes making this the coolest running tube in terms of heat dissipation.

Additionally, for large-frame rifles in particular, the advantage of the JP Modular Hand Guard comes in its use of the more comfortable and ergonomic 2” tube on the larger rifle instead of the 2.25” tube typically required due to the spacing on the barrel and gas system of the large rifle. Our unique acentric barrel nut assembly situates the barrel slightly lower in the hand guard to allow the 2” tube to clear the gas system. One quarter of an inch doesn’t sound like much, but it makes a huge difference in the feel and handling characteristics of the rifle. Now your .308 rifle will feel like your AR-15.

Versatility:Many of the hand guard systems on the market today have permanent rails at the 6:00, 12:00, 3:00 and 9:00 positions. Typically, you only need one or two sections of rail, and in many cases, they are best utilized at the 1:30 or 10:30 clock positions, not 9:00 and 3:00. Having to deal with the additional weight and uncomfortable feel of all these rails where you don't need or want them is not acceptable. These are just another example of products designed by people who are not real shooters for customers who just want their gear to look cool and don't actually use it.

The JP Modular Hand Guard System, on the other hand, allows for complete flexibility without wasted weight and features you don’t need. Our hand guard tubes come in rifle-length, extra long, carbine, and mid-length tubes, and each will accommodate optional 12:00 rail units that extend the upper receiver rail interface forward at 12:00 on the hand guard, allowing for the use of co-witnessed IR equipment, secondary sights or flip-up iron. Additionally, individual four-inch and two-inch rail segments are available for personalized accessory configuration. All accessories can quickly relocated at will, and you can use as many rail units of whatever length makes sense when and where you need them and can forget about rails you don't need.

Various tactical rail lengths and styles offered for our VTAC hand guards. Top rails are laser etched to facilitate repeatable mounting positions 

There’s also no need to drill unsightly holes for studs that may not align after disassembly/reassembly. The floating studs included allow complete flexibility for a tactical sling setup as well as bipod positioning, whether all the way out for maximum stability or all the way in next to the receiver for the fastest possible target indexing. Taken all together, the options built into the JP Modular Hand Guard System allow for a tube/rail/accessory configuration ideally suited for virtually any application.

Integrity:The design features a dual-nut system with a 6061 T6 outer receiver extension nut combined with a carbon steel internal barrel retainer nut that can be secured with a standard M16 armorers wrench rather than strap wrench needed on one-piece tubes. This improves the overall structural integrity of the barrel/receiver relationship and makes it possible to achieve a precise 12:00 index of the tube regardless of where the internal nut needs to be for proper torque.

The colors offered; matte black, titanium gray, Magpul OD green, desert earth

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Modular M Series | AR-15/M16
JPHG-6MJP Modular Hand Guard
Length: Extra Long (15.5” OAL)
Platform: AR-15/M16-type rifle
JPHG-1MJP Modular Hand Guard
Length: Rifle (12.5” OAL)
Platform: AR-15/M16-type rifle
JPHG-EXTJP Sight Pocket Extension Piece for JPHG-4M or JPHG-4D$59.95
JPHG 223 SCREWReplacement Hardware Pack:
JP Modular Hand Guard (M Series)
Modular D Series | DPMS LR-308 / Knights SR-25 / 2010-11 Bushmaster or similar
JPHG-6DJP Modular Hand Guard
Length: Extra Long (15.5” OAL)
Platform: DPMS LR-308, Knights SR-25, 2010-11 Bushmaster or similar
JPHG-1DJP Modular Hand Guard
Length: Rifle (12.5” OAL)
Platform: DPMS LR-308, Knights SR-25, 2010-11 Bushmaster or similar
JPHG-EXTJP Sight Pocket Extension Piece for JPHG-4M or JPHG-4D$59.95
JPHG 308 SCREWReplacement Hardware Pack:
JP Modular Hand Guard (D Series)
Modular A Series | Armalite / pre-2010 Bushmaster / Rock River AR-10 or similar
JPHG-1AJP Modular Hand Guard
Length: Rifle (12.5” OAL)
Platform: Armalite, pre-2010 Bushmaster, Rock River AR-10 or similar
JPHG-5AJP Modular Hand Guard
Length: Mid Length (9.25” OAL)
Platform: Armalite, pre-2010 Bushmaster, Rock River AR-10 or similar
JP LE-M Free Float Hand Guard - AR-15/M16
Rails and Accessories
GG-217GoGun® Gas Pedal®
   Flat Dark Earth
GG-117GoGun® Gas Pedal®
GG-113GoGun® Gas Pedal®
JPROS-LJP Rail Offset Adapter, Quick Detach 45° on Bore Axis, 4"$69.95
JPROSJP Rail Offset Adapter, Quick Detach 45° on Bore Axis, 1.25"$59.95
JPTR-SJP Tactical Rail
2" Accessory Rail
JPTR-LJP Tactical Rail
4" Accessory Rail
JPTR-XLJP Tactical Rail
14.5" Extra Long 12:00
JPTR-MJP Tactical Rail
9" Mid-length 12:00
JPTR-RJP Tactical Rail
12" Rifle-length 12:00
JPTR-FSJP Tactical Rail
2" Front Sight
JPHGSJP Sling Stud with Backer Plate$9.95
JPSRTSJP Short Range Tactical Sight

Requires 4-inch tactical rail
JPHG-SMJP push button sling swivel mount for JP Modular or RC Hand Guards$44.95
UM-1Uncle Mike's quick-detach sling swivel, 1 inch$3.95

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